Wink Naturals

I would never share any product that I don't use myself and LOVE. This is one company with products that are just so good and life changing that I can't keep them to myself. I think if you tried them you would feel the same.

Wink Naturals is a company that puts family first and creates products that are safe and effective! I love every product. 

My daughter suffered from extreme eczema as a baby. We tried EVERYTHING, including prescription steroid treatments. Nothing worked long term, it was heartbreaking. She would scratch at it until it would bleed, and nothing we used fixed it! We did find some products that would keep it from getting worse for the most part but it never healed fully. 

Enter Wink Naturals. We tried the Foaming Oil Bath Wash and the Llama Lotion first, I kid you not, she has not had an eczema breakout since that first time using it. It's so gentle, it works great for her sensitive skin. She doesn't dry out the way she used to after bathing. It smells like a dream and the lotion soaks in so well, no slimy or oily feeling. It's my favorite lotion for myself too!

I could talk about it all day. My favorite products are the Foaming Oil Bath Wash and Llama Lotion (obviously) and the Biotics- my children take these each day and LOVE them. I love that they keep them regular and help protect them from the germs all over. We love the Elderberry Syrup and Cough Syrup for that as well! I also LOVE the Pure Sleep and Breath Chest Rub, helps so much when they have a stuffy nose, a cough, or just can't calm down and get to sleep. 

There are just so many great products. Sleep aids that are effective and SAFE, unlike so many on the market. Anxiety drops to help adults and kids feel calm and be able to cope with high stress situations or just the stress of life. Diaper rash cream that works wonders! So much more and more products being developed all the time! 

I love that I have found products that work for my whole family and I can rest assured that they are safe for the most important people in my life!

If you are interested in any of these products and have questions- email me! We can talk and I can give you recommendations that will work for you in your specific situation! 

If you are interested in learning more about each product and want to purchase, feel free to browse the website!